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A freelance writer and photographer since 1993, my interest has primarily been environment related stories, and wildlife and fish subjects and issues in particular. Before launching my writing and photography career, I worked in the black and white photography shop at a Connecticut advertising agency, freelanced as a commercial photographer’s assistant and was associate editor and photo researcher for Trout Magazine, the national publication of the conservation organization Trout Unlimited, where I specialized in fisheries science and conservation journalism. 

Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Resource Recreation Management and Wildlife Science from Oregon State University, I gained practical experience in natural resources and the environment as a research assistant with OSU, working on wildlands use studies on Oregon’s Illinois River, and in Crater Lake and Denali national parks. I also surveyed Athapaskan and Inupiat historical and archaeological sites throughout interior and Arctic Alaska for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

In addition to my professional work, I have decades of wilderness experience mountaineering, skiing and other backcountry pursuits and have been involved in community volunteer activities including serving on a mountain rescue unit — participating in technical high altitude rescue operations in Oregons Cascade Mountains — working to restore trout and salmon habitat in local streams and rivers, and helping to develop a system of non-motorized commuter and recreational trails within my community.

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