Dispatches from the Anthropocene ...

I'm a freelance writer and photographer who covers the natural world, wild places, the wild things that live there, and our relationship with that world.

Its a wide-ranging assignment, sometimes visceral and physical — following wildlife researchers as they chase a mountain lion through deep snow into an even deeper wilderness canyon, or snorkeling among spawning salmon in a coldwater river. At other times it may be technical or political, explaining how a gravel mine is altering a river’s hydrology or exploring the balance between economics and environment in a community’s plan to sell its drinking water to an international water-bottling corporation. And there are inspirational stories, too, of citizens working to restore a stream or protect a wilderness. 

My work is also informed by my education in natural resources and an understanding of the issues, policies and science through years of working with government and non-government organizations, scientists, managers, advocates, activists, native peoples, corporate representatives, lawmakers and others who affect our environment for better and worse.

I like to think that the stories I write and photograph help people better understand the natural world, its value and the threats it faces as humans increasingly move natural processes, and in some small way helps motivate us to protect it.

Mt Washington 2

Mount Washington, Cascade Mountains, Oregon.


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